drug alcohol treatment White Plains

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When addicts finally decide they want to leave their addiction behind, they choose to undergo our drug and alcohol treatment in White Plains. This is because Oaks of Hope provides one of the best rehab treatments against addiction in the country. We offer a comprehensive approach, centering on medication, psychotherapy, holistic activities, and life skill lessons.

What is a good treatment for prescription drug addiction?

At some point in their lives, most people received drug prescriptions. Pain medication such as Norco, Codeine, and Vicodin are often present in the houses of many people, but few know how addictive they are. These narcotic pain alleviators will lead to dependence with long-term use. Moreover, their effects will lessen the more you consume them.

Eventually, physical dependence will set in, and the only way you’ll get rid of it is through professional treatment. Contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss the details of your hospitalization. Depending on how severe your addiction is, we’ll recommend a lesser or more intense form of treatment. For instance, with pain medication addiction, we usually recommend the residential treatment plan with a full-fledged detox session.

Comfortable environment for rehab

An important aspect of rehab that most addiction centers neglect is the patient’s comfort. For a stable healing process, a patient needs peace of mind, psychotherapy, and compassionate care coming from professional caretakers. This is why the drug and alcohol treatment in White Plains is one of the most hospitable and welcoming centers in the country.

Because we care about your psychological stability and personal satisfaction, we’ll do everything it takes to make you feel at home. Only by perceiving our center as a second home will you have the power to strive for sobriety. Therefore, throughout your hospitalization period, our nurses and technicians will pay special attention to all of your needs.

Efficient rehab with CBT

CBT, or cognitive-behavioral therapy, has been our most prized rehab technique in the recent past. With its help, we have managed to push several addicts from the brink of despair and made their lives better as a consequence. The way it works is simple:

  • The therapist identifies particularly negative behaviors related to addiction
  • Through one-on-one counseling sessions, we try to replace those negative behaviors with more constructive ones
  • We notice the patient’s thought patterns and reflexes related to addiction, and we discuss their importance
  • With focused therapy, we strive to distance the patient from dependency on a psychological level

Where can I safely recover from addiction?

Safety, familiarity, and protection are indispensable elements to an addict’s process of rehabilitation. In order to truly recover from addiction, addicts need a peaceful and compassionate environment to live in. This is why our drug and alcohol treatment in White Plains is so efficient and loved.

Most addicts that come to us are looking for a refuge where they can work on their addiction peacefully. They want to avoid temptations and worldly distractions from taking their attention away. Oaks of Hope offers a safe retreat for all addicts interested in overcoming their issues.

drug alcohol treatment White Plains