Drug Rehab Centers Miami

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Drug Rehab Centers Miami

Drug rehab centers and drug treatment centers are often thought of to be the same thing. However, they are not. Drug treatment centers are facilities that see the patient from detox until they are dismissed from outpatient therapy. Drug rehab centers mainly deal with inpatient care after detox and withdrawals are complete. Detox is the initial phase of treatment. This is where the body rids itself of the drugs. Medication can be given to help minimize these symptoms and make withdrawals a little more comfortable. After detox is complete, some patients will need inpatient rehab. This is sometimes called residential therapy. 

What to expect

Drug rehab centers provide a couple of individual therapy sessions a week and group therapy on a daily basis. The goal is to educate you on what triggers the cravings you will have, how to handle them and how to stay clean from drugs. Supplemental therapy is also usually offered. This can include pet-therapy, art, exercise, and meditation. These are all great releases from the stress drug addiction can cause. This intense residential therapy can last anywhere from a week to a few months.

Partial Inpatient Rehab

After inpatient care, many drug rehab centers offer partial hospitalization rehab. In this setting, you can stay in a sober living facility or even at home. However, you will remain at the center during the day and undergo the therapy and counseling you did before. This is not as intense, and the sessions are not as often now. This phase allows you a little more freedom yet you are very closely supervised and have someone there should you need them.

Outpatient Therapy

By the time you reach the outpatient phase of your rehab, you are getting ready to live at home. Now instead of the daily sessions or group, you are moving toward once a week sessions. Most recovering addicts in this phase will go through a twelve step program or another form of a self-help group. Outpatient therapy can last a few weeks, or it can last for a long time depending on your progress and support group.


Aftercare is the final phase of your recovery. Most drug rehab centers offer aftercare, but not all do. Aftercare is where you are taught to stay clean without medication at all. You are made aware that addiction is a disease and total recovery can take a very long time. You need to get your life back. This means work in every aspect of your life from work, education, family and social support and housing. All these play a role in preventing a relapse Groups are important now because you will begin to rely on them to help you through the tough times. As time goes on you may lean on family and friends more and minimize the need for as many group sessions. The bottom line is that recovery from drug abuse is hard and you need the help of one of the drug rehab centers to wholly and successfully recover.

Drug Rehab Centers Miami