Drug Rehab Lead Generation

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Drug rehab lead generation is a difficult task for many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. It’s an absolute necessity to generate new clients. Lead generation is key for addiction treatment centers to maintain a high enough census to continue to operate. Addiction treatment centers tend to rely upon Google AdWords, call center lead generation and outreach for their marketing mix. This buy rehab leads strategy is a short-term solution to a long-term problem of generating new clients. These can be good options however; a long-term and robust marketing mix is needed which must include web marketing.
What is a Good Drug Rehab Lead Generation Strategy
Drug rehab lead generation on the web is extremely competitive, however many are unaware of why their web marketing efforts have failed in the past. Web marketing outperforms all other marketing efforts combined. There are numerous reasons why web marketing for drug rehab lead generation does not work and may include;
-        Poor website structure
-        Poor SEO
-        An understanding of how to use and maximize their blog with useful and engaging content for their target audience
-        Lack of high quality back-links
-        Not enough citations across the web
-        Poor or no Google My Business profile
-        Insufficient marketing investment
-        Poor or no call to action
-        No pop-up encouraging them to contact you
-        Poor reviews
-        No staff page
-        Poor, little or no Google reviews
-        No call tracking
-        No Google analytics
Marketing Options for Drug Rehab Lead Generation
Having a website for your drug and alcohol addiction treatment center does not automatically translate to generating new leads. Many treatment centers view it as it is something that they need, but do not understand how to maximize its lead generation possibilities. You will need to put in place a robust digital marketing plan, designed to attract and convert the right traffic. Below are three things you can do for your drug rehab lead generation.
Create good content and establish trust
Some of the best ways to boost your drug rehab lead generation and attract clients is to establish trust, covey you are qualified, understand their pain and engage with them. If individuals seeking treatment have doubts about the quality of services you offer, they will most likely not choose your facility for treatment.
To make sure that you have an edge over other drug rehab centers, create informative and useful content for them on your website. This content should be readily available in form of articles, blog posts and landing pages. You should also place some of your best content behind a “gate” and make it downloadable to users.
A “gate” refers to a form which users on your site use to fill in details such as their email address, phone number, name, age and other key information. Once you have this information, you can contact them later and they become a qualified lead.
Develop landing pages
Landing pages are independent pages on your addiction treatment centers website which are dedicated to responding to questions or demystifying concepts. They are key for search engine optimization and help attract potential clients.
Although like gated content, landing pages provide adequate information to help keep interested visitors on your website. The landing pages can be three hundred to several thousand words long. They should be interactive, videos, and images breaking the monotony of text. Irrespective of how your addiction treatment center decides to do it, the strategy remains the same. It is to provide potential addiction treatment clients with useful information that makes them want to know more about your drug and alcohol addiction services.
Blog consistently
Blogging is one of the most valuable tools for drug rehab lead generation. In the electronic age it is a necessity for every company to be making use of a blog. Your blog must be attracting and engaging to individuals seeking addiction treatment. Many centers blogs are all about their services and accolades. We have seen this to be an extremely poor strategy. Blogs should attract and engage while touching upon and attaching your treatment center to emotions.
Well written blogs can establish your rehabilitation center as an authority in the industry and show your readers that you are the best option. It is one of the best components for drug rehab lead generation. Once you build your reputation, it becomes easier to convince potential clients to choose your drug rehab center. Blog topics should be like those in the landing pages and gated content but not verbatim. Blogs are best for trends, news, lists of facts, staff introduction and more.
Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Marketing
Drug rehab led generation is not easy. You must be careful not to use intrusive methods that would put off your potential client. You need to be effective in the advertising and marketing strategy you choose to adopt. Finding the correct balance can be a tricky. So how can you reach as many locals as possible without being intrusive?
This can be achieved by formulating the perfect combination of website search engine optimization and online marketing strategies. SEO is very effective in giving your drug and alcohol treatment center an opportunity to reach the right individuals at the right time.
What is SEO for Drug Rehab Marketing
SEO is a process through which a website is enhanced so that it can get better search results in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo among others. It is an absolute must for successful drug rehab lead generation. SEO is comprised of many small procedures and best practices that are regularly updated. This means that what was at one time considered a key element of SEO, may no longer be important today and vice-versa. This is because the algorithms used to determine ranking of sites keep changing.
Due to digital technology, the conventional advertising and marketing methods are no longer effective. Moreover, they are more expensive that online marketing and advertising options. It makes no sense for a drug rehab center to use thousands of dollars for traditional advertising while that money would be better spent helping with patient treatment.
SEO and marketing for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers can help you attract more traffic to your website, provide contact forms for to be filled by potential clients who become leads and help you get access to more individuals who require your help. It is also cost effective and less stressful to execute.
Use must use the right phrase and keywords, formatted correctly in your website’s content. These should start with long tail keywords using your city and then end. Long tail keywords like addiction treatment center West Palm Beach. This drastically increases your chances of ranking high in the search engines. This means that you increase the chance of potential clients looking for help, visiting your site and reaching out to you. Good SEO is vital for centers in their drug rehab lead generation strategy.
Benefits of SEO on Drug Rehab Lead Generation
So how can drug rehab lead generation benefit from SEO and web marketing? Some of the key benefits of marketing and SEO include:
Increased visibility and ranking
If done right, SEO improves your ranking in search engines. There are 10 organic slots on page one of Google. The first 3 receive over 70% of the click throughs. It is not easy to get those three coveted spots, that is why you need experienced professionals performing SEO. This is the only way your treatment center will also become more visible and ultimately increase the number of people visiting your site. The higher a page in your site ranks, the higher the possibility of a user clicking on it. Your drug rehab lead generation will falter on the web without SEO.
Enhanced website user experience and content
Part of a good drug rehab lead generation marketing strategy involves enhancing the content on your website including how this content is displayed. This means using captivating images, graphics, design and interesting relevant content as well. You should also ensure that each page on your site is formatted correctly for load speed and is mobile friendly. Mobile searches dominate of searches from personal computers. When you improve content on your site, your search results will also improve because search engines use that as one of the factors for ranking websites.
Help with your Drug Rehab Lead Generation
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