Inpatient 12 Step Program

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Pacific Hills Treatment Centers invites you to one of the most advanced and innovative rehab facilities in the industry! Our inpatient 12-Step program is ideal for dealing with even the most severe cases of addiction, allowing people like you to regain their freedom and happiness.

What is an inpatient facility?

An inpatient rehab center offers 24/7 medical supervision, providing luxurious housing conditions, access to high-end amenities, and permanent care and control. During the inpatient program, you will remain at the center day and night, for the entire duration of the treatment. The inpatient program is ideal for people struggling with more advanced forms of addiction, whose condition is too volatile for them to recover at home or in an outpatient setting.

The program we’re offering consists of three timeframe options – 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days, depending on your clinical status and progress. If you display severe withdrawal symptoms whenever attempting to quit your addiction, you might need to join our inpatient program today. Contact our experts and come in for thorough clinical assessment and diagnosis to decide the next course of action!

Which is better, inpatient, or outpatient?

Studies show that the inpatient form of treatment has the highest success rate when it comes to long-term relapse prevention. The people who complete the inpatient program find it easier to remain sober over the years and work on rebuilding their lives. At our facility, we only allow 16 patients inside the inpatient rehab program at a time, which will allow for higher levels of care and attention, as our experts will have fewer people to focus on.

During the inpatient 12-Step program, you will receive:

Physical assistance – Teaching the value of a physically active lifestyle, together with a more balanced nutritional intake, and optimal sleeping schedule. This is where you will begin to build your future routines, as you will participate in a variety of outdoor recreative activities, like biking, hiking, running, etc.

Mental stabilization – Working on restoring your rational thinking and help rebuild your confidence and self-esteem. You will learn to socialize easier with others and begin to trust in your ability to make decisions right decisions for your future again.

Emotional and spiritual healing – We harness the power of faith and Christian values to offer you relief from spiritual anguishes and restore your hopes for a better life. We combine Christian teachings with extensive therapeutic approaches for addressing emotional traumas and regain your inner balance.

The Christian rehab for addiction

Christianity promotes love, acceptance, and self-knowledge as the core principles of a happy and fulfilling life. Those who struggle with addiction are broken individuals, seeking salvation and hope for a better life. We can help you achieve that today. Our inpatient 12-Step program will allow you to retake control over your destiny and become reborn in the light of Christ.

Contact our team, at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, and begin your journey to a new life! So long as you keep your hopes alive, your faith will save you.

Inpatient 12 Step Program
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