Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Westlake Village

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Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Westlake Village

Alcohol addiction is one of the most difficult dependencies to overcome. Although many people hate to admit it, when you realize that you have an alcohol problem it is time to seek professional help. It takes professional outpatient alcohol treatment in Westlake Village to get on the path to recovery. You need the compassionate support you can only get from a team of experienced professionals.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment in Westlake Village

Outpatient alcohol treatment in Westlake Village is ideal for those who need to get help overcoming their addiction but don’t have the time to put their lives on hold to go into an inpatient program. An intensive outpatient program, IOP, is available that provides you with more flexibility.

The IOP program offers the same forms of treatment as inpatient treatment. These include holistic therapies. These are ideal for alcohol addiction treatment because they can be custom tailored to fit everyone’s individual needs. In addition to being a primary method of treatment, IOP is also a good option for inpatient aftercare.

The program allows those who have already received inpatient care the ability to continue to participate in ongoing treatment. This is a great way to prevent you from relapsing after you return home.

How IOP Works

Outpatient alcohol treatment in Westlake Village is a flexible program so it is ideal for those who have commitments such as work, family or school. The program generally includes 3 hours of daily participation. Treatment may include counseling, therapeutic interventions, educational classes and various forms of therapy.

Participants are able to continue to handle their regular routines outside of IOP. Then, they take part in the sessions on a daily basis to ensure that they are developing the skills necessary to maintain sobriety. One of our mottos is “You don’t have to put your life on hold to save it”. We fully believe that you can accomplish recovery through our intensive outpatient program.

It does take commitment. You must be able to devote time every day to your addiction recovery. It needs to be part of your daily schedule. In return, you will receive the best treatment possible.

Our experienced IOP team will assist you and guide you every step of the way. Everyone’s treatment is different and each person needs individual care. The type of treatment therapies that are provided are those that are most likely going to be successful if helping you overcome your addiction. You want to be free from your addiction for good, without relapsing. In order to do that you need a strong, knowledgeable and consistent support team working with you to help you succeed. A support team is also ideal once you complete your addiction program. At home, your loved ones will need to provide compassionate support to assist you as you continue the recovery process.

Our outpatient alcohol treatment in Westlake Village also now offers a virtual program. The virtual program provides you with even more flexibility and can be completed online by computer or with connectivity through a smart phone. Contact us today to learn more about our outpatient alcohol treatment programs.


Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Westlake Village
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