Drug And Alcohol Rehab Studio City

Article provided by: The Giving Tree Treatment Center

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Studio City

The Giving Tree is a place of acceptance, friendship, and wholeness. We invite you to join our extensive and life-defining substance rehab treatment before the disease progresses too much. At our center, we’re redefining the rehabilitation process like no other institution has managed to do it.

We believe that the ideal drug and alcohol rehab in Studio City should go beyond the classical approaches. There’s no doubt that the recovery process is complicated, and the relapse rates remain high in many cases. We know something other rehab facilities don’t – the answer is the holistic recovery.

Our treatment brings together multiple disciplines to deliver one life-changing rehab formula. Some of our approaches include:

Nutritional optimization – Both drugs and alcohol will deplete your organism of essential nutrients and minerals. When combining that with a lower food appetite for more extended periods, malnutrition will be right around the corner. The on-site chef is here to prepare you an optimized meal strategy; nourishing the body and delighting the soul.

Individual and group counseling – This is where we discuss the plan of attack. We help you establish goals, understand your situation, and work on developing the commitment you need to change. Here, everything is about change. You must leave your past behind, open yourself to others, and embrace the new you. To promote mental and emotional health, we use programs like DBT, CBT, and EMDR, among others.

Holistic healing – Your spirit needs just as much healing as your body and your mind. Reiki is an ancient healing method that functions based on reactivating your body’s own regenerative powers. The effects will be almost instant – relaxation, overcoming stress, and promoting an increased sense of wellbeing.

Education and relapse prevention – During our program of drug and alcohol rehab in Studio City, you will participate in comprehensive educational courses. During these sessions, you will learn about adopting a healthy living and rebuilding your life outside addiction. We know that preventing the relapse is not easy, which is why our expert counselors will provide you with all their knowledge and support.

Life skills counseling and health education – As a free, sober individual, you must now make sure that addiction won’t be a problem in the future. The risk of relapse will always exist since substance addiction is an incurable disease. But, with a bit of support from our experts, you can leave it in the past. At our center, you will learn how to adopt a healthier diet, become more socially active, and work towards improving your life in all aspects.

Our philosophy revolves around making the world a better place. Here, at our center for drug and alcohol rehab in Studio City, we have the answer to your prayers. No matter how beat you might be, have the courage and call us!

The Giving Tree is an oasis of serenity and hope, and it’s a place where you can heal and rediscover yourself in brighter colors. Don’t deny yourself this chance at a better life!

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Studio City
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